Using the OpenStainer

Running a staining procedure

Select the staining procedure from the list of procedures.

The procedure selection screen of the OpenStainer's UI.

When you select a staining procedure, the interface will display a form showing the name of the procedure, the contents of each reagent jar, and the steps involved in the staining procedure. The name, jar contents, and procedure steps can be edited if desired.

Confirm that the reagent jars contain the substances specified in the staining procedure.

The reagent jars are numbered as shown in the image below:

Front view of the slide stainer with the reagent jars numbered. The jars are labelled 1-6 from left to right.

To start the staining procedure, tap the “Run” button.

The bottom portion of the procedure definition screen of the OpenStainer. This screenshot includes the "Run" butotn.

The OpenStainer will then display the status of the staining procedure. Should the need arise, the “pause” and “resume” buttons on-screen as well as the red and green buttons below the screen can be used to pause and resume execution of the staining procedure.