About Us

The OpenStainer was born from scientific necessity. A chemistry professor doing nano-tech research approached me and told me how she needed an automated slide stainer to do her research, which involved stains that took upward of 20 hours each. All of the existing options on the market were too large and expensive for her. They wouldn’t even publish a set price, much less the design and code needed to tailor a slide stainer to her use case.

That’s why I created the OpenStainer. It’s modern, with a 7″ touchscreen and the ability to store an unlimited number of staining procedures. It’s open, with schematics, source code, and drawings all freely available. It’s affordable, with a transparent price of $3000. No hidden fees, no maintenance contracts, and no “request a quote” pricing shenanigans.

The OpenStainer is designed and produced by a team led by Aaron Decker at Strong Anchor Tech.