The OpenStainer

The OpenStainer as viewed from a front-right angle.

The OpenStainer is an automated slide stainer that fits your benchtop and budget.

  • 6 removable jars for holding reagents or wash solution.
  • Stores unlimited staining procedures.
  • 7″ touchscreen. See Using the OpenStainer for screenshots.
  • Stains up to 22 slides simultaneously.
  • Open-source software and hardware. View code, designs, and schematics.
  • $3000. Comes assembled & tested.

Pre-order the OpenStainer


  • 1 OpenStainer, fully assembled, tested, and ready to use.
  • 3 slide holders (each can hold 22 slides).
  • 6 removable reagent jars with lids.
  • Priority email support from the OpenStainer engineering team.

Note: shipping of the OpenStainer has been delayed by the lockdown imposed by the state of Wisconsin in response to Covid-19.